Right on Time

Author: Michael Babienco

December 2023

Could it be? It can’t be true! I reran the calculations — then once again, just to be sure. It was true. Finally, all our donor gifts had come in after eighteen months of speaking appointments, phone calls, thank-you card writing, fundraising, and going through AFM’s summer training program. Our fundraising was finally complete, thanks to many generous donors and supporters. We wanted to leave within a few months after training, and God brought everything in right on time.

One of the lengthy portions of our visa application process was submitting the paperwork for our Certificates of Eligibility along with our visa application. The paperwork detailed for the Japanese government our planned activities in the country. The Japan Union Conference (JUC) assisted us with this process and submitted our paperwork to the immigration office. They told us it could take about one and a half months for the paperwork to be processed. The paperwork was submitted on August 10. On Tuesday, September 26, we learned that the JUC had received the certificates. Once again, God had brought everything through right on time.

Early in 2023, we had set our eyes on late October or early November for our launch to Japan. We prayed that we could launch before the cold winter months. Through God’s grace, by the time you read this article, Caitlyn and I will have been in Japan for several weeks, preparing for language school and culture research. With much work, prayer, and support from all of you, everything necessary for our launch has come in right on time.

Whether you prayed, shared advice with us, gave of your finances, encouraged us, invited us to speak at your local church, or something else, you have all contributed to our ability to go to Japan and minister there. You are as much a part of AFM’s Japan project as we are. Please continue to pray for us and the people of Japan as we begin AFM’s work here. Thank you again for your support, and may God bless you as you end this year with Him.